arizona health insurance

arizona health insurance

arizona short term health insurance

Short Term Health Insurance provides coverage in case of accidents and llness for a defined period of time, often with a much lower monthly premium than other forms of major medical health insurance. There are two advantages of Short Term Health Insurance.
First, you can use your Short Term Health Insurance plan to pay for services from any doctor or hospital (any willing provider). Yes, you can keep your doctor!
Second, arizona short term health insurance plans have no Open Enrollment restrictions, so you can apply for one any time of the year. You will be notified within minutes if your application is approved, and you can use your coverage as early as the next day.

we specialize in affordable Short Term Health Insurance plans, and we are committed to offering consumers a range of choices to fit their lifestyle and budgetary needs.
How do I know if Short Term health insurance is a good choice for me?
Short Term medical insurance, also called Temporary health insurance or Term health insurance, can provide a temporary solution to help fill gaps in coverage. Consider Short Term if you’re:
• Between jobs
• Waiting for other coverage to begin
• Waiting to be eligible for Medicare coverage
• Without health insurance, outside of Open Enrollment

Can I renew this type of health insurance coverage?
If you need coverage for longer, you may be able to apply for another Short Term insurance plan.2 However, for any subsequent plan, whatever you received treatment for under a preceding plan will be considered a preexisting condition.
Is Short Term health insurance available for families?
Yes, spouses and dependents can be covered under a Short Term insurance plan. However, because Short Term is medically underwritten, all family members will need to meet medical requirements of the plan.
Does Short Term health insurance provide coverage for preexisting conditions?
No. In most cases Short Term insurance plans do not cover preexisting conditions, which depending on your state’s definition would mean something you received diagnosis or treatment for within the last 2 to 5 years. If you are in this situation, you may want to explore other options or see if you can extend your current insurance plan.

How Is Short Term Health Insurance Different From Obamacare?
Affordable Care Act plans have broader benefits than those found in Short Term Health Insurance plans and, without the premium subsidies available to some qualified purchasers, they cost much more than Short Term Health Insurance plans.

As mentioned before, all ACA health plans must have the 10 essential health benefits. Short Term Health Insurance plans, in comparison, do not have a standardized set of benefits. Short Term Health Insurance plans usually offer what would be described as streamlined major medical coverage that covers healthcare costs in the event of accidents and illnesses. Most Short Term Health Insurance plans also cover doctor visits for routine illnesses and injuries.

details some of the major benefit differences between Short Term Health Insurance and Affordable Care Act plans. It is important to note that Affordable Care Act plans do not deny care for pre-existing conditions nor do they reject applicants based on health problems. In addition, states’ rules regarding Short Term Health Insurance are changing so while our chart is a general breakdown, always read your plan brochure before selecting your plan.

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